Myanmar Airways International

Sky Smile Member Termination Process and Card Lost or Damage Process

Termination Process

Membership shall automatically cease in the event of termination of the Sky Smile Program.

MAI & Air KBZ may terminate a member's Sky Smile Program membership with immediate effect if he/ she:

  • Failure to comply with these Terms and Conditions and / or other rules and regulations incorporated by reference, provided such terms, rules and regulations have been duly and timely communicated to the client. Without prejudice to any other rules or regulations, the rules for the use and stay at MAI & Air KBZ's lounges are incorporated into these Terms and Conditions.
  • Attempts to obtain awards or benefits from the Sky Smile Program by providing false, improper or abusive information. The client who presents this type of information shall be liable for any resulting losses, and any Sky Smile Program miles falsely obtained will be declared null and void.
  • To behave in a disorderly fashion on board or at MAI & Air KBZ premises or in a way that violates the rules of access, use and stay at those facilities (including MAI & Air KBZ lounges or any other spaces operated by MAI & Air KBZ).
  • MAI & Air KBZ may suspend Sky Smile Program accounts on suspicion of fraud, without MAI & Air KBZ or any of its partners being penalized. The client will be expelled from the Programme without notice and all the miles earned from all awards and any bookings made will be cancelled and the client will not be permitted to hold the Programme card again or obtain benefits from the same.
  • If the member is not active within 2 years.

Card Lost or Damage Process

In case that the member card is lost or damage, we will be charge MMK 7,000 for new issued member card to membership.