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Sky Smile Award

Sky Smile Awards

Sky smile Frequent Flyer Program provides exclusive privilege for its members by providing Award Ticket on MAI & Air KBZ flights. All level of membership is able to redeem points for award ticket as per the program's terms & conditions. Point accural and redemption are based on points provided in the Mileage Award Bank and Mileage Award tables in this guidebook.

The airlines reserve the right to change the points as redeemed necessary as per the Commercial or Operational requirement of the airlines.

Rules and Regulations for Redeem Awards

  • To redeem point, members are required to complete the " Award Request Form", which can be obtained at MAI & Air KBZ website or via email at [email protected] or [email protected] or at nearest MAI & Air KBZ Sales & Ticketing Offices. 
  • Once the form has been updated, members are required to email the form to the same email addresses provided or submit at our Sales & Ticketing Offices.
  • MAI & Air KBZ needs to receive your award request form seven (7) working days prior to issuance date of the award certificate.
  • After receiving the "Award Request Form", MAI & Air KBZ will process this request based on reservation status and the number of accumulated points in the member's account. In case the award request is not accepted, MAI & Air KBZ will notify to the member as soon as possible.
  • If the award ticket request is accepted MAI & Air KBZ, the Award Certificate will be emailed / mailed to member's address provided in the profile or call to collect the Award Certificate at our Sales & Ticketing Office.
  • Members need to present the Award Request Form to nearest MAI & Air KBZ Sales & Ticketing Office to obtain the formal Award Ticket. Member may also authorize another person to collect an award provided that the name of authorized person is written on an authorization letter and an ID card or passport is presented to the office concerned to collect the award. Requested award ticket must collected within one months from the informed date, otherwise issued Award Ticket will be expired together with redeemed points.
  • Points required for Award Ticket are based on the round trip travel basic or one way.
  • In case that the issued Certificate is lost or expired, Member wishes to change the beneficiary, routing or class of travel, it can be reissued with following conditions:
    (A)    If the issued Certificate is lost or damage and expired within 30days, it can be reissued with a fee of USD50.00 to member.
    (B)    If the issued Certificate is still within validity but member wishes to change name or routing it can be reissued with a fee of USD20.00 to member.
  • Award ticket may be rebooked within six (6) validity months only ONCE. Award ticket will not be endorsed, reroute or extend and/or upgrade to a higher class by paying extra fees.
  • Companion award ticket will be issued only when the beneficiary is accompanied by member travelling with a paid ticket on exactly the same itinerary, at least on the first flight. When making a request for companion award ticket, the member must provide travelling detail of companion and of the paid ticket to MAI or Air KBZ.
  • Award certificate will be valid for (30) days from the date of issue. Award ticket, companion award ticket will be valid for (1) months from the date of issuance and travel validity will be (30) days from first travel date.
  • MAI or Air KBZ shall not be liable for any loss of or damage to an issued Award Certificate and award ticket.
  • Award cannot be exchanged, transferred, inherited or misused.
  • Any taxes, surcharges or duties arising out of or in connection with receipt of Award or benefits shall be responsibility of and borne by the beneficiary.
  • MAI & Air KBZ shall not accept any responsibility or liability in the event of non-availability, impossibility of reservation, or issuance of award due to or connection with the termination of partnership, the charging of flight schedule or any other reason beyond control. 
  • If members are required fails to present the member card at check-in counter, members are required to inform MAI & Air KBZ Head Office accordingly and the miles will be added within sixty (60) days after member has flown.